The studio


Studio Legale Di Leo, founded in the 1960s by lawyer Franco Di Leo, has been active for over 50 years in the transport law and insurance sector as well as business advisory. It has handled important national and international cases, including those involving the ships Vera Berlingeri”, “Tito Campanella”, “Moby Prince” and “Espresso Trapani”.

Today, the Studio is a solid professional organisation, led by his son Paolo and associates, where tradition and innovation go hand in hand with the aim of guaranteeing that clients receive a high-quality service and close support, tailored to their needs.

We assist, among others, insurance companies, brokers, shipping agents, logistics operators, transporters, business owners operating in the chemical and production sectors and exporters of various types of industrial products, offering them support in internationalisation and overseas trade.

The Studio also provides legal advice across a broad spectrum, acting regularly as business consultants and offering full support in dealing with any legal implications that may arise for Italian business operators at any of the various stages of their business and trading activities.

A natural consequence of the experience and expertise gained over the years has been the expansion of the Studio’s activities beyond the confines of the city of Genoa, with its present clientele spread throughout the entire country.

The hallmarks of the Studio are always being there for our clients and being ready to act swiftly in response to events. This is made possible, among other things, by the fact that we can count on a trusted and highly-skilled network of correspondents both in Italy and abroad.

At Studio Di Leo, we have always preferred to build strong ongoing relationships with our clients, often using the formula of annual consulting services agreed on a fixed basis to cover their various needs, and with a view to avoiding future problems, assisting the business owner on a daily basis and, over time, developing a close relationship on a human as well a business level.

For many years the Studio has worked in partnership with Studio Cignolini, a firm of Chartered Accountants working in the same office, with the aim of widening the range of services and collaborations we can offer for the benefit of our clients where matters of national and international taxation are concerned, as well as in managing business crises and/or debt restructuring.

Finally, the solid relationship which the Studio maintains with several merchant banks (corporate and investment banking) enables our clients to be further supported in extraordinary financial operations such as mergers and acquisitions, restructuring, company valuations and risk management.